James Morrow is a novelist who mainly writes about the contradictions of Christian tradition. By that I mean not so much the hypocricy of "the meek shall inherit the earth" vs. "Onward Christian Soldiers" (lots of people have done that) but the concept of some big huge God guy who lives in the sky.

Though sometimes described as anti-Christian, his work is not Christian bashing, and actually speaks more deeply and intelligently about faith and ethical behavior than most theological works I've read.

His works also frequently contain a character who you can identify with strongly, who really really really wants something (sometimes something quite noble, like keeping a child alive), and just when salvation is within reach it is snatched away (usually because the character does something unethical that seems to work toward the goal, but actually works against it).

His books are frequently hilarious, deeply thought provoking, very well written, but not at all uplifting. Quite the opposite, in fact.

His books include:

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