aka "The Amazing Randi." Professional stage magician and leading debunker of paranormal fraud. Recipient of MacArthur Foundation genius grant. Has exposed Uri Geller, Peter Popoff, and many others. Has put up a large sum of cash to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal abilities. Appeared in "Penn and Teller Get Killed."

Skeptic and author of Flim-Flam! and a bunch of other books on skepticism. Founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, which offers the Million-Dollar Psychic Challenge.

The fact is that James Randi, in his guise as debunker of paranormal hoaxes can never be particulary interesting.

He had a TV show in the UK, where for six episodes, people would come on and fail to perform magic, or mind reading or something.

That's not entertainment - I can fail to bend spoons using mind control myself, in the pub.

Maybe one day, someone will win Randi's money: that would be interesting: we'd get to see Randi lose a load of money, and at the same time my whole personal belief system (that the paranormal is bunk) will collapse.

I think that Randi would quite like to lose that money. It'd be worth it to see a really good magic trick...

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