In June of 1606, King James I granted the Virginia Company to establish a settlement in North America. In May of 1607, 214 settlers landed on the banks of the James River in what is now Virginia. This settlement was called Jamestown after King James, who had granted the charter. The settlers were under the leadership of John Smith. They survived many harsh winters and conflict with local native groups. In 1624 Virginia became an official colony of the King, and in 1698 the capital of Virginia moved to Williamsburg.

Today Jamestown is home to a historical park run by the National Park Service and the State of Virginia. In the spring of 2007, Jamestown will celebrate its 400th anniversary. Other points of interest in the Jamestown area include the Scotland Ferry, which crosses the James River to Surry, Virginia and the Green Springs Plantation, which was home to Colonial Governor Sr. William Berkeley. As well there is the Colonial Parkway which winds its way along the James River in the direction of Williamsburg and Yorktown.

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