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Modern day Vert King, Jamie Thomas sets new standards by proving Vert riders can still kick ass at street. Whether he be launching himself to new heights on the ramp, or hurtling himself over endless staircases and down rails, he still keeps the same level of greatness.

Jamie Thomas, now 24, has been skating since the age of 12. Since then he has been the first to pull off an indy frontflip on the ramp, the first to succesfully pull off a 50-50 to tailslide, the first to come out of the leap of faith (a 5 metre drop in a Californian school) with both ankles in tact, and the first to ever succesfully jump a 20 stair set. Not to mention the 30 stair rails, curved, kinked or otherwise, he throws himself down without breaking a sweat.

Jamie Thomas also remains vigilantly Christian, his motto being, "Skateboarding is fun, but it never comes before God.

Jamie rides for Zero, his other sponsors are Circa, Monsterand Innes.

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