Jane Sibbery is a Canadian musician who lives in Toronto. Her spectrum of performance is broad, ranging from pop to folk and eclectic sounds. You may remember her song from the 1980s titled "Mimi on the Beach".

Ok, time for my personal opinion of her and not her music.
During my tenure in retail slavery at Business Depot in Rosedale, I met Jane a few times as she shopped there. She liked to wander around and harass us about our prices and lack of recycled content in everything we sold.. The staff would avoid her, although we all knew that she'd get someone to page one of us for personal service. Whenever she came in, it was a good time to go on break.

Jane Siberry is a quintessential Canadian artist. Self-effacing, and more than a little eclectic, she has a small but vocal following.

Siberry (affectionately known to her fans as 'Sib') has built a prodigious roster of work since releasing her first self-titled vinyl in 1981, which she paid for with tips from her waitressing job. Her portfolio currently consists of over a dozen albums under her own name, plus session work with other musicians.

In 1984, she released her first major album, No Borders Here, which included her first hit, and for some time, her trademark tune, "Mimi on the Beach."

A year later saw the the release of The Speckless Sky, an album which went gold in Canada (it sold more than five copies), and won two People's Choice Awards, one for Album of the Year, the other for Producer of the Year. It saw several memorable tracks, "Vladimir, Vladimir," "One More Color," and the second part of the evocative "Map of the World," continued from No Borders Here.

Her 1988 release, The Walking found a warm critical reception in Australia and Europe, and her 1989 Bound by the Beauty was a similar critical success.

Four years were to pass before Sib's next album, When I Was a Boy was released. This album contained "Calling All Angels," which appeared in two movie soundtracks.

Maria (1995) marked a major shift in Sib's work. A smoky jazz album, it allowed Sib to push her boundaries into a much more formal musical realm. The album found critical success, but many of her fans found the album difficult. Despite Sib's reputation for a style change with every new release, Maria was a radical departure from her previous work. Indeed, for one not accustomed to jazz, it requires several listenings to find a way to the heart of the album, but it is a challenge which pays off richly.

In 1996, in an effort to ensure creative control, Sibbery created Sheeba Records. While this was a successful move from the marketing standpoint, critics point out that, since that time, Sib has not produced much beyond compilation albums, collections of standards, and a three-CD release of live performances.

Since the formation of Sheeba Records, she has released Teenager, A Day in the Life, New York Trilogy, Hush and her current release, City.

Sibbery continues to revel in musical risk-taking, and if the day ever comes when she releases two albums in succession which sound alike, that is the day Hell will freeze over.

Sib's official site: http://www.sheeba.ca
Sib's fan site: http://www.smoe.org/nbh/

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