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Janice is the guitarist and occassional vocalist for the Electric Mayhem, the house band on "The Muppet Show". She also had a recurring role on that show as Nurse Janice in the Veterinarian's Hospital skits. Like most Muppets, she is left-handed. She has a cool style reminiscent of Janis Joplin, after whom she was probably named, but crossed with a bit of Valley Girl. Rumor has it that she and Floyd Pepper were an item, although it's never been confirmed (they are, after all, Muppets).

Janice was originally voiced by Eren Ozker, who pretty much no one has ever heard of. After the first season of "The Muppet Show," she was voiced by Richard Hunt. Since his death, Janice has appeared but not spoken, much like Rowlf (Jim Henson), Dr. Teeth (Henson), and Scooter (Hunt).

Quotation: During a planning session in The Great Muppet Caper, the room breaks into excited chaos. Fozzie quiets everyone down, but Janice is oblivious and continues her conversation, unaware that everyone can hear it: "... so I said, 'Look Mother, it's my life, okaaaaaay? So if I want to live on the beach and walk around naked...'"

Janice is Chandler Bing's longtime on again off again girlfriend on the popular TV show Friends.

Janice is rather pretty, but extremely annoying. She is rather clingy and has an awful voice, (her laugh is even worse). She likes to call Chandler, "Chandler Bing". Janice cannot take a hint for anything, (Chandler would try and give her obvious hints that he wanted to break up with her, but she didn't get it).

Janice was married once, and had one child. I do not believe that she ever had a job, (the show never mentioned one).

Chandler's friend Ross Gellar dated Janice at one point. But she broke up with him because he was too annoying and clingy!

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