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Before the day is over....

And To All A Good Night!!

2014 was forgettable, as one might imagine a year named "2014" would be.

But, ah, 2015 -- if you're into numerology note that 2+0+1+5=8, which is a lucky number in China.

And, being an odd-numbered one, we get the added benefit of it being not an "election year" so though we'll have electoral rumblings arising from the guts of the polisphere throughout the year, we won't quite yet have the relentless barrage of campaign ads and debates and overblowing of gaffes filling our TV news.

And better yet, if this whole Cuban Thaw works out, we might find ourselves taking a vacation in Havana!!



* Being a Pandeist, for me every day is New Year's Day, but it's nice to have the rest of the world catch up once in a while.

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