Block Rockin' Beats by The Chemical Brothers is 11 years old. This song was once accurately described thusly: "It throbs like your head might if you had just done a length underwater in a swimming pool full of amyl."

So do me a favour, please? Take your cracked Ableton Live demos and your bank of VST instruments downloaded off Pirate Bay and fuck off back to art school.

It's been done.

Le Roi est Mort.

Fall asleep thinking about everything you could be watching on TV
and every opinion you ever held about people who don't like the Beatles
and whether or not it's worth it to beat a world record if that's all you would be remembered for
and home and what exactly it is that makes it worth going back to
and how you really don't know if your head is lumpy or not until it's shaved
and how hard it is know someone let alone trust them
and what would happen if the moon was made out of cheese while the earth was the center of the universe
and agnosticism
and cowardice
and taking a vow of silence to discover what it is about words that means so little
and why some people are doomed to live with addictive personalities
and when you stopped calling your mom "mommy"
and the difference between love and being in love with love
and wishing you knew whatever happened to Portugal and its place as a world power
and how everyone reminds you of someone else
and how no one ever asks you if you're ready for life
and the music you used to listen to in middle school
and breakfast
and cliche people and their damned cliched responses
and the idea of body modification across history
and why the fuck you're always so lonely, by yourself or in a crowd.

All in the time it takes for your body to slip into its gradual, nightly paralysis.

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