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Already I'm off the mark of my plan to post a log a week.... but the plan was really to do so 'on average' -- so I'll be fine if I log like every other week, then every day next December. So.... yeah.

Anyhow, I'd like to imagine I've got a downvoting stalker or two -- perhaps it's easier to believe that somebody out there is blankly and thoughtlessly voting down things meriting universal acclaim than to confess that for everything I write, no matter the subject or the style, there will be faults, and there will be persons who read and consider and downvote for perfectly sound and legitimate reasons which they would simply prefer not to share. After all, there are surely some participants here who take very seriously the anonymous registering of opinions by clicking a plus or minus.

But just in case I have indeed attracted the ire of more than one mindlessly serial castigator.... hey buds, you've missed a few!! Verily, there are some here for which I am surprised they rate as well as they do -- hot-boxing? Fruit pair comparisons? Hobo With a Shotgun? Really. So for the benefit of those whose dearest wish is to shift the average leaning of my work, here's a list of all my nodes which have, to date, zero downvotes, or only one downvote, in something approximating chronological order....

Bob Barr
The Big Wow
Charles Hartshorne
Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
First Impressions of India by a Nineteenth Century evangelist
The changing voice of the Geico Gecko
I Kissed a Girl (coincidentally my highest rated write-up)
tasteful nudity
Universal common ancestor
Evolution-based medicine
Gigantopithicus blacki
Hobo With a Shotgun
Solar paint
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Artichoke tea
Sixteen Tons
Speciation after the Fall
Andreas Vesalius
The Good News loophole
Paul L. Smith
Bikini Carwash Company 3
October 31, 2010
Gas tank skimming
Loop station
Yesnaby Castle
On the evolution of the pocket watch
Lake of Fire
Was Gandhi a racist?
Vanity of vanities
A History of God
The parable of Rabbit
Doctor Korgon's imperfect clone
The Legacy of Antony Flew
brain transplant
December 3, 2011
Bit-states in a digital Universe
The Ghost of the Old House of Commons, to the New One, appointed to meet at Oxford
A most benevolent illusion
Doctor Korgon's Robotic Opus
Pandeism and the God of the Gaps
The science fiction of shrinking
The Muse's Triumph
Existential relevancy, and other theological lies
Pandeism fully accounts
Captains Heroic
Pandeism and the knowledge of good and evil
The Astronomers: An Inspiration
Fruit pair comparisons
Brian L. Sewell
puffinus puffinus
Musical renditions of the alphabet
Llorando se Fue
alphabet trick
Eat at Khan's
Sailor Mercury
Battle For Milkquarious

So if you're out there, stalker downvoter, go to town. Add your dark mark of 'fuck you, person I've never met' to my body of work. If it pleases you to do so, I can promise you whatever 'yay' zapping stuff gives you sufficiently exceeds my 'meh' at getting zapped to make the world happier on balance.


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