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Insomnia is not a problem of late. Now it's my back and neck, with soreness resulting from bad posture habits while typing or driving; it was hard to sleep last night, with even the slightest upper-body movement causing pain. So I noded, first time in a long while I could just sit down and barf forth a few writeups. I guess I'll have to clean it up now.

I found this old mass-mailing from MindSpring. A CD with the hook-up software and everything. On the cover of the outer sleeve, there's this overjoyed-looking young burgher, surely a satisfied customer. And there's a caption below his toothily-smiling mug. But it's obscured by a large ink stain, so that it reads, "You'd be nappier using MindSpring." Cool! I could have used them back when I wanted au naturel dreadlocks.

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