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Things I learned today:

If your furnace has a crack in the exchange cell and your monitor is on the opposite side of the crack you may not know anything is wrong until you have trouble with carbon monoxide fumes. Mice can crawl into your furnace, get stuck, chew a hole in your furnace filter and starve to death when they are unable to figure out how to get out of the furnace.

There's a tube that needs regular maintenance in most furnaces especially during warmer weather when your furnace is not frequently in use. The preferred method of cleaning this is blowing into it. Your motor will spin the moisture out of the air and prevent further build-up. This is the number one cause of the No Heat complaint many HVAC companies receive on my particular furnace model.

My furnace came with a twenty year warranty and it is still under that warranty. This means that my replacement parts are covered. The service tech said she would tell me if I was better off replacing the furnace. In her opinion the furnace is clean and has previously been well maintained. Repairing the furnace will be between $700 and $800 while a replacement would run around $3000.

If one person in your daughter's class has head lice, that can infect an entire school. There is a lot of laundry involved with a head lice infestation. Going through other people's hair with a fine tooth comb is exasperating for both parties however it is easier than doing your own head. If your daughter routinely wears a hat she will have fewer things to remove than other children whose heads were mostly uncovered.

Sometimes you do things that other people don't understand. Sometimes they do things, you don't understand. If you do something you shouldn't have, apologize, and the injured party refuses to forgive you, that's their problem, not yours. We all make mistakes. Working for yourself can be a lot of fun. It can also be very frustrating when your day does not go according to plan. So far that is the knowledge base I have acquired today. Tomorrow is another chance for both mistakes and opportunities.

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