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I have the song, "The Longest Time" in my head right now. I had a long talk with a few friends. God what am I looking for. I honestly haven't been interested in anyone new in about a year. That's when Jeff and I got together. I mean, I have had crushes, and what not.. but I haven't met anyone where the risk of opening my heart was even something to think about.

I am not looking to fall in love, just to meet someone where falling in love might be even a possibility a long way down the road. Someone where romance is a card that could be played, right now it isn't even in the deck. Not that crappy, Hallmark version. Something real and genuine. Maybe I am just getting odd because Valentine's Day is approaching.

I'm not going to look for it, but I won't ignore it either. I am not foolish enough to believe this is something I can find if I go seeking it. I suppose now isn't the time to meet Mister Right. I suppose I'm just not ready right now. I have so many other things I should be directing my attention to. Should be. Ha!

Maybe I should just sit down to node, and while I do that watch "Playing By Heart" again.


It's Edgar Allen Poe's birthday, and all of Baltimore's in a tizzy. For anyone not familiar with Maryland and her dedication to the infamously dark and macabre writer, his piece, The Raven gave Baltimore the name for it's ever losing NFL team. S'all right, it's the thought that counts.

Anyhow, there was a watch last night in the church whose graveyard shelters his grave. Ever year, reportedly since 1949, someone has been leaving a bottle of cognac and a rose or two on his grave. I don't actually know if they know who it is who keeps this tradition alive, I think Baltimoreans or Baltimorons enjoy not digging too deeply into the mysterious.

I watched the news this morning, something I'm not very likely to be caught doing, and sure enough, the churchyard had a visitor around 2:00 this morning. The visitor was not wearing a black cloak as they have in the past, but was dressed for the ridiculous cold we're all dealing with here in Maryland. His face was covered with some type of mesh to conceal his identity. According to witnesses, there wasn't a possiblity of the late night visitor being a female. A shame. I wish I could get that job, I'd like to have a hand in upholding this bizarre occurance every year. Where do I sign up?

On a personal note, I can't seem to kill this travel-bug that keeps biting me in the ass. I've wanted for sometime to move to Arizona because I love the South West and I think my chances of finding employment in AZ are significantly higher than say NM, where my sister lives.

A lot of things are starting to fall apart in Maryland, there's absolutely no chance of my returning to Florida, and there's really nothing for me in North Carolina or Georgia anymore. I've gotten to the point where I think I should go wherever I think suits me the best. Where I'll be happy just being there, breathing the air. I think there's a possiblity of my being able to get out there by this fall. I have two jobs now, I'm getting a healthy return on my taxes to jumpstart any projects, and I have fewer and fewer things holding me back.

Hell, my family's all over the country, (none in Maryland, btw), I want to study Intermedia at ASU, and people who mean a great deal to me are heading out that way fairly soon anyway.

What's here? Lemme see. My best friend, Kashata, who has moved up here with me to the great state of Maryland, twice! now. But maybe I can convince her to transfer, I keep telling myself I can. My boyfriend, who's my buddy and not much else. He has a great job at Bell Atlantic that is finally giving him the leg up he needs to get somewhere, so I definently won't bug him to go again. Yeah, again. Poor guy, I talked him into Florida, and that went horribly at best. Besides, maybe this is the break we've both been looking for. And lastly but not leastly, the boyfriend's family, whom I'm convinced hung the stars and the moon. Some people might think I'm just taking advantage of a situation, but I love these people dearly and would put myself out on a limb for them anyday.

......so, I guess I have a lot to think about, huh?

(To the readers: I'll try to update this as much as possible, even if I have to use them public compuers...)

7:57 AM

I woke up in 7:30, with a narrative from Howard Stern because the radio was set to 6:00 AM. I see that my desk is a landfill for a few CDs, my portable CD player, and a few coffee mugs. I have a big empty space on the desktop to my left because I gave away my scanner to my sister (I'm not daring enough to change my kernel's source code to support the scanner). I got my LinuxWorld Conference and Expo badge in the mail yesterday, but I put it away in my desk. Maybe I should clean up the desk before I leave...

8:31 AM

I came from the shower, and I told my folks that I was going to work (even though my manager said I don't have to). Mom made fried eggs, sunny side up (my favorite). Well, I'll delay breakfast in Manhattan then. I had a cup of chamomile tea. It's a light affair, but it's great while it lasted.

8:49 AM

Well, I have an idea: How about I go to the Brooklyn College campus to sell off one of my old textbooks? I can certainly use the $20 from the TV & Radio textbook... I should.

9:06 AM

I'm waiting in the bus stop somewhere in 60th St., waiting for the bus going to Brooklyn College.

9:25 AM

I went back to my workplace, only to find out that a pipe has burst, so the place is closed for the day. I'm still going to the bookstore to get my money from the TV & R textbook.

When I went to the bookstore, I gave my book to the guy handling the book refunds. The clerk gave me a receipt for 20 dollars, so I went to the cash register and I received two 10-dollar bills. I bought a copy of PC Magazine for 5 bucks, to read in the subway with my newspaper.

9:30 AM

I'm taking the subway from Brooklyn College to Times Square. It'll be a long trip, taking an hour of my time and I'll be 30 minutes late after the box office opening in the Barrymore Theatre.

10:30 AM

I ran my way through the Times Square station, from the train, to the Barrymore in W. 47th St.

11:25 AM

I'm in CompUSA, looking at the scanners. More precisely, I'm looking *for* the scanner section because the place has gone through another re-arrangement of all of the printer and portables section.

11:45 AM

I had to go for lunch. Well, I don't have to, but I wanted to kill some time with some lunch.

12:00 PM

I went out to Ellen's Stardust Diner for lunch. However, I only have seven dollars, so I ordered a bowl of chili. That's six dollars, so I have only one dollar.

1:30 PM

I've taped the rest of the day with my tape recorder, so I can update the rest tonight. Anyways, I'm in the 42nd St. Library up in Manhattan, having only 15 minutes left before I go onwards to the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.

2:00 PM

Again, I ran for the theatre. I was a bit winded, but you get the point.

I'm in the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, watching Putting it Together amidst folks older than I am. Maybe it's because of the long-reaching range of Stephen Sondheim's work, or maybe it's Sondheim's history of songwriting, or maybe... It's just to see Carol Burnett, right?

3:14 PM

It's the intermission for the big show, so I want to write something about it.

Do you want to know what I see in the Barrymore Theatre? I see lots of old people. I see folks way older than myself watching the show. Do I feel out of place? I don't think so. It's not like the audience in Chicago: The Musical, where you have a mix of everybody watching the show (tourists, dating couples, Geeks of the Performing Arts, and so on). I feel a bit... more welcomed here than in the Shubert Theatre today, even though I'm sitting in the rear mezzanine.

4:25 PM

I left the theatre, after hearing that Ruthie leaves the place very quickly. I was hoping to have a picture of her taken with myself... Something deserving of a picture frame on my desk.

4:30 PM

I can't figure what to do for the rest of the day besides going home. Maybe I should walk around to Tower Records in 64th St. (?) to shop for a CD.

I went upwards to Tower Records, but I can't find the CD I'm looking for. I'm really in the mood for a recording of Sondheim's works, so I went up to Tower since they have a big collection of cast recordings and the such, especially the recording of "Putting it Together" from a few years ago with Julie Andrews. No such luck. I took the A-train from Columbus Circle back to Times Square since I've heard of a branch of HMV Records in 42nd St. Well, I have found the right CD to buy, but it costs $33, and I have nothing to my wallet for this. Well, I can buy it online someday, anyways.

6:00 PM

I'm taking the train home. I think I'm through for the day in the big city.

7:00 PM

I'm back home, and my mother didn't nag me about anything.

8:12 PM

I'm still noding this...

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