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Time: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 00:19:45 GMT
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Note: The Everything Snapshot daylog will return as soon as I work out one that is more pleasant for members of the Everything Whino sect.

I've just come back from the puubn and am therefore a bit tipssy. I normally node while I'm at work and skiving and am a little less "inspired" in my commentaries.
I'm gonna have to do this more often, I don't know what I'm going to write but it's definately going to be a little more different to what I usually do.

You'll have to see January 26, 2001 to see my exploits at work, but it's not very interesting. This is more like an update to my earlier log but this happens to be more accurate.

I'll hang around here for a little while I think then go to bed. It's the weekend in the morning so I get to sleep in (not). I'm going to a computer fair so my Dad can look at printers and pretend to know what he's talking about. After that I get to see Sarah and go shopping.
Sunday's probably going to involve another pub so I think I'm going to have a nice weekend.

See you all bright and early on Monday morning.

I've discovered some rather mundane things which have stupendous bearing on my life:

  • Little dogs are very high maintenance. They require all of your attention all of the time, or they get really really upset. I used to have this dog named George, a big ol' german shepard. So long as I fed him and talked to him once a day, he was just dandy. Not Wiley the Yorkie I Saved From The Pound though. He'll be damned if I'm gonna like, work, or compose.

  • When you have a newly non-larval cat, and its a female, it'll go into heat. When that happens, expect to wish you NEVER HAD PETS. EVER. Not only will she not shut up, she's constantly pointing her ass at things. Usually my feet while I unassumingly try to convince the dog that its work time, not tug-of-war time.

  • When health insurance companies says "85% of the cost of all procedures will be covered; you will be responsible for the other 15%." what they really mean is "Bend over. Seriously. Me and your doctor are teaming up on this one, and all holes will be filled with hard cock." Who knew getting skin cancer would be expensive?

  • It's time to take down the Christmas Tree.

  • Getting to level 5 on everything still didn't fill me with the joy that getting anything of mine licked does. Will report upon reaching level 6.

  • "Will have design document to you by Tuesday" should be read as "Don't expect to hear from me, but I sure hope you have that flash tour done by Friday. Jackass!"

  • Rachmaninov is a bad sonufabitch, but not nearly as bad as Franz Liszt. Trust me on this one. I don't care what Shine taught you. The Rach 3 is extraordinarily difficult. Pretty much anything Liszt wrote is off the chain, as my urban contemporary musician friends say.

That's it. I'm going to bed. As soon I club the cat into submission and hang the dog over the balcony by his harness and muzzle.
A nice couple of quiet days at home, being a public holiday yesterday and a Saturday today. Got hit by a noding frenzy today, adding Australian colloquialisms to the nodegel. Was amazed, as they were dredged up, how many have to do with intoxication and loose morals. That's the genius of .au I suppose..

Off to Sydney tomorrow morning (real early), for a network renumbering. Just hope I get all my little ducks in a row, or I'll have 50 screaming users on Monday morning.

I love konqueror. I love ADSL. I love mussaman curry.

As of today, I have 25 nodes in my personal node heaven. The rate that they have been arriving there has increased lately for some reason.

There are too many empty boxes in this apartment and my dishes are very stinky.

I bit some dude on Wednesday. He jammed my finger and bruised my side by grabbing me, and that's why I bit him. Fingerprint bruises are always strange. He was appalled that a girl physically hurt him. Well, with the nickname knuckles, he probably has a big chuck of tasty ego tied up with his tough guy image. Mmmm. gimme some steak sauce. Tasty little humans. Gotta love em.

I got a new Poe cd in the mail from Amazon.com. Lately, I've been addicted to buying things online. Ever since Christmas, something sparked the consumer pig in me.

"Feeling empty? don't worry, consumption will fill the void." -unknown.

all hail Miles Davis!
This was my dad's birthday. I was going to get him something earlier in the week, and then mail it, but since I procrastinated until it was too late, now I must go deliver it in person.

This is also the weekend of the local computer show. I decided last night to upgrade to a 1Ghz Thunderbird, especially after doing my taxes and seeing that I'm getting more than enough back to cover the cost.

I went to the comptuer show at around noon, picked up an Asus A7V motherboard, 1000Mhz AMD chip, fan, and 256MB of PC133 SDRAM for about $500. Memory prices have really dropped again. The 256M was only $109.

I took all of this stuff home and then ate lunch real quick. I picked my dad up an optical mouse for a present and headed up to my parents house.

I found out that the computer he has doesn't have a USB or PS2 port. The current mouse he's using is a plain old serial mouse. I guess when I get the remaining parts from my old computer organized, I'll give it to him and then he can use the mouse :)

I just got everything put together and got my networking working minimally again (at least enough to do this writeup). I still have to get my linux box gatewayed back through this box. It's getting late, so I think I'll save that for tomorrow.

A girl likes GirlsDontLikeMe!!

*GASP* Yes, it is....true. Although, when I created this name I was fairly sure that no girls liked me, and I had substantial evidence. Oh well, only one doesn't throw it off.

Recently though, I've been talking to this girl. She has a boyfriend, but it's okay, I'm not gonna push my luck. She has some emotional problems with this guy who used to hit on her constantly, but she's really really cool, and I don't like to see really really cool girls get their feelings hurt, so I've been helping her kind of sort out her problems. Explaining to her that she's special, you know, that kind of stuff. Well, it made both of us feel good.

Taken from a conversation with her tonight

Her: I'm sorry, I've been venting to you too much lately.

Me: It's okay, I don't mind.

Her: Really?

Me: Yeah. I mean, I honestly am happy that you trust me enough to vent to me. And I'd rather try to help you than see you unhappy and not know why

Her: Thanks Brendan!!!! You're now my favorite guy (next to {Boyfriend'sName})

This weekend, I didn't do anything. But I feel good. I'm happy that my name is one step closer to being incorrect.

/me thanks Infinite Burn for the wonderful nodeshell.

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