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Yesterday I tried out this internet website writing using my good friend Sour Pickle's anonymioush account. It went well. It went very well. I would say it went the best. Many people liked my writing. Many, many people, I am the best at writing. I have the best words. They call it a "node". That's the word for it. "Node". It was the best node. It was probably the most popular node in the whole history of nodes. Because people, you know, they really like it.

Now I am writing again because I have many more words to tell you. They are the best words. I am the best at words.

I want to tell you about my good friend the President of Austria, Sco Momoson. Momison. Morrison. Scommorrison. He is the President of Austria and he is having a tough time lately. There are Democrats everywhere, lying, and now they are lying about him. He is doing it very tough. I have given him some advice, because I have the best advice. There are people in Australalia who are bullying my friend Scom. It's very unfair. FAKE NEWS! He did not have a holiday in Fiji! This is the media making stuff up. He's a very good friend. He used to work in marketing, and I like to sell things, so we have a lot in common. Very good friends. The best.

Golf update: still king. New record on the 8th hole. Many witnesses can confirm this. I made a hole in one by bouncing my ball off the back of an alligator's head. I'm sorry you didn't see it. But there were many witnesses.



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There's something about this site that truly does appeal to me. I find myself occasionally coming back; I don't even necessarily read, I just like coming back to see if it's still alive, if writeups are still being made.

I want to get back into reading more. Silly as it sounds, I think I need to practice though. I have this habit of blazing through what I read, skipping over things, trying to get to the point; the details always seem unnecessary, only the main plot of the story matters. It's always been in the back of my mind though, that this isn't the way to read. I'm coming around to the idea that perhaps every word matters, even if it takes longer to get to the point. Perhaps in not reading everything, I'm missing out on subtle nuances.

Hopefully some day I'll find a way to contribute here again, without it feeling forced. A long time ago, the allure of getting the ability to C! drove me forward. A non-trivial amount of the content I put out could easily be learned about on Wikipedia, and as such, whether it provided any value to this site is debatable. At any rate, I don't think it's really fair to churn out writeups for others to read but disrespect others' writeups by either not reading or blazing through.

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. However, I think I will attempt to read more - and read slow. Hopefully, I get to a point where it doesn't feel like a chore. Perhaps then I can come back here and just read. And then, just maybe, I'll want to write something. There's something truly appealing about being able to contribute to something, something that isn't you but you make up part of it. I hope to get there some day.

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