The alphabet for adults.

All I need is to find twenty-six illustrators and a picture book is in the making.

A is for Apple, for Eve ate one naked
B is for Butchery and other entertaining sports
C is for Caroline, who was struck by an axe
D is for Dunces, for they never get a mention
E is for Eric, the small, yellow, plastic pencil sharpener
F is for Fuck
G is for Gallantry, as evil deeds done gallantly earn respect
H is for Happiness when tears subside
I is selfish
J is for Jelly and organs that wobble
K is for Kameroun, that is not spelled that way but should be
L is for Laughing at other people’s expense
M is for Making love with your socks on
N is for Neville, the naughty colour
O is for Surprise on a little girl’s face
P is done within the lines
Q is for Quirky, as if you had any doubt
S is for Steve, a sausage that means business 
T is for Topazium, the fifth element
U is for Unctuous, a word with too many vowels
V is for Valhalla, an afterlife to die for
W is for Wallace and his seven mystical accountants
X is for X-Ray because Xylophone just won’t do
Y is a question on a young lady’s mobile phone
Z is for Zulu according to an ancient mariner

Same old, same old

Another piece of my day - or days, in this case. Usual disclaimers apply. Want to read something memorable instead? Go here or here. Or how about a good laugh?

My friend, who has been through a lot lately, woke up one morning last week and came into the livingroom. There was a certain spring in his step.

"I have a dreadful cold", he said; "... and a nasty headache. I have slept on an air mattress again tonight. And I feel wonderful. Look at the sky. It's blue. Blue with pink clouds."

It was, the sky. Nice and blue-pink. Imagine that. The day before he had received the final word on his new apartment, and this meant that his sleeping on an air mattress on my dining room floor would soon be but a memory. Bound to put a man in a good mood.

He moved out yesterday, and I am going to miss having him around. We had a good time, all things considered. We humans are such adaptable creatures.

I have something to remember him by, though: a dreadful cold, and a nasty headache. I have this one eye that is very red and irritated, which means I can wear only one contact lens - so I see double. One very blurry and one fairly sharp image. This does nothing to alleviate my headache (yes, I do have a pair of glasses somewhere, but I can't seem to find them. It's not easy to look for something when you can't see properly).

I have been made an editor as of January 4, 2007. I am still pretty much feeling my way around, trying not to screw up. Haven't yet, really. Hope to keep it that way. On one hand being an editor is different from what I expected - and on the other hand it isn't. There's a lot of responsibility involved. Quite a lot of frustration. Much fun is had too, of course, e.g. in talking with people, some of whom does not want to be talked with. Most of the time it's very pleasant, though. It's all good.

This whole Nodermeet-thing has turned out to be way too much fun. My first two meets - bar the Copenhagen ones where liveforever, andersa, and I pour beer down our throats - were on October 14 and 20, 2006, in Washington DC. And now I am going to Dublin for a bit of holiday fun (and a nodermeet). I have also found out that The Netherlands are pretty close to Denmark (I knew that, of course, but now I actually thought about it), and so I am going there for a nodermeet in September too. I am travelling more now, in my late forties, than I have travelled my whole life. That rocks.

Another friend of mine kinda disappointed me lately. And I need to get my head around the fact that this feeling of disappointment is really nobody's fault but my own. My friend didn't do anything wrong as such. It was more a question of not being who I thought he was. If people fail to live up to my expectations, well... that's not their fault. My bad. Not that it makes it any less frustrating. He's still my friend; I'll just have to lower my expectations, I guess. Friends and lovers alike should be loved for who they are, and not for who I want them to be.

Oh well... thank you for your time.

Oh, and to all you sweet people who sent me nice and encouraging messages when I was whining about my dislocated jaw... Thanks! It has taken quite some time, but it finally seems to be okay again.

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