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For your pleasure, I present word messer-upper poetry made from my standard new noder welcome message:

what's to want,
own with all,
you like me on fun, way, users.

We're people entirely of newspaper,
by the Welcome,
already you take, start, ask, send real.
grips networking amalgamation,
See that jargon.

you Hope.

know users
you've certainly feel the message
and is  best to feel and to contribute

a place, online pretty to any site,
usernames good if names; community, here.

blog, I look Anyway,
Your clicking web,
private the here,
can you sort on... using cool.


At least things are consistent.

Mom passed away this morning around 4:10 am. There was no discomfort or pain; she just stopped breathing, while asleep. This is, I suppose, the hoped-for 'way'.

At 11:00 am, I was driving my sister-in-law and her au pair to the airport a couple of hours south. I'd volunteered in order to get out of the house.

At 71 MPH, there was a flicker of motion out of my left eye. I had enough time to see the deer run up the sharp slope from the median onto the highway. I braked, but the car started to slide sideways due to the slight slush and ice cover on the road. I released the brakes and stabilized the car, which straightened just in time for the 180 lb. buck's head to hit the windshield directly in front of my face. The windshield crazed completely.

I managed to retain control of the car, despite the deer taking out my left front fender, windshield, A pillar, driver door and passenger door.

Nobody was hurt. My sister-in-law and her au pair even made their flight. My car, well, not so much.

Again, the best of all possible bad outcomes.

So, the Brazilian rain forest is starting to disappear again; maybe due to poachers harvesting illegally, maybe due to farmers, maybe due to something else. Results are still coming in, and it's probably more than just one factor. Silva (ironic name, no?) has promised to do something about it, but obviously, no one really has things under control. Now, as the rain forests decrease in size they stop soaking up so much carbon, which means that global warming is just going to get worse. This means wilder weather patterns, higher water levels, and things just generally going to the dogs.

This is also really bad for Brazil, because these forests are holding down the topsoil, such as it is, and while a rain forest may not be as profitable as a field of soy beans in the short run, it is a whole lot better than a barren wasteland in 10 years. Plus the forest keeps the watershed healthy, preventing floods and mudslides, and keeping the water from washing away even more nutrients. It keeps the ground in the shade, and that keeps the soil from drying out and blowing away.

And while it may not matter to Brazil or the global economy, this deforestation means hundreds of species going extinct. A lot of people think this these species are worth keeping on their own recognition. Some try to justify keeping them because we might be able to make new drugs out of them or 'learn something important' from various genotypes, but really, the real reason most people want to keep these plants and animals around is because there is some inherent value to diversity of life, and once we kill off a species we can never have that species back.

The problem is that no one really has any good suggestions about how to save the rain forest. You can't go down there and start shooting illegal poachers yourself (well, you could), you can't plant new rain forest (and if you could, it would take centuries to grow back to what it once was, and by that time all the original forest would be gone), and you can't even count that buying forest lands will protect it from the people destroying it. No one actually goes down there to live in the jungle and make sure no one touches anything.

So another vital part of our world is going down the drain and all we can do about it is rant on our blogs.

And that's my rant.


January 31. 2008

After having turned off thee of my alarms, I got up at 6.43 and started wondering whether school started at 8 or 8.55. As usual I dressed and brushed my teeth and then sent a message to 6 of my classmates. The answer was as I had expected - lessons start at 8. Fuck! I thought, grabbed a bunch of dairy products and and gulped them down. I took a look at my phone and saw that i had 12 minutes to my bus, which ment I had 6 minutes to get out.

Okey, I put everything away(as my mother gets fucking pissed when Ileave things laying around), put on my jersey-like jacket and hurried out. Half way through my trip to the bus stop I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 6.23 which again ment that I was perfectly in schedule. As I was about 20m from the bus stop the bus arrived. And the most perculiar thing was that I didn't even have to speed up, I just knew that if I walked on as fast as I did, I'd enter the bus just before the driver would close the doors. And I did.

After having taken my seat, which is starting to be the same one every morning, I cranked up my ipod and started thinking of whether I'd get the same seat every day on. Three stops later I looked for my friend, but he was nowhere to be seen, guess he must have slept in again. No prob.

The first lesson was chemistry, and though evert other lesson this cemester has been a fucking kinder-garden, todays lesson was as peaceful as graveyard. I for example, instead of trying to win one of my friends(girl) attention, slept. The other lessons passed by as usual.

After the lessons, a self-cheating cigaret and off to home with one of my (girl)classmates. She has pretty interesting character, but she also has big horse-like teeth which are corn-yellow near the gingiva. I tried to ignore that fact and concentrated on keeping up the subject. I hadn't really spoken to her a lot before and felt the obligation to do so because she invited me to go to her birthday.

I got home, played with my brother, went to sleep for a few hours, got up and started reading Johann Wolfgang Goethe's "Faust". After having read the first 10 pages my head felt like exploding and i threw the book on the table and read through the review from internet. Then I discovered this website and after two hours of reading about how/why the butter side of a sandwich always fells on the ground or how to end the world with an elephant and etc. I started writing my, what do u call it, a blog? I guess so.

Probably I'll forget the site and this blog and discover it in few years time from now and laugh at my english. Oh well, the end.

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