My typical morning routine is, I get up in the morning and I pee in the sink. Now, you may well be doing a grossed-out double-take, as though this were some horrible and unnatural thing, as though some great moral code was violated by peeing anywhere but the toilet, possibly the shower, maybe the bushes in a tight spot. But actually, there's nothing wrong with it at all, and a great deal which is right about it. Firstly, you see, urine is largely sterile. Secondly, I don't simply whiz and walk away -- I have a routine. I pee, then I rinse with mouthwash, some pretty strong homemade stuff with a little vodka and healthy doses of ginger and mint, a little baking soda, a dash of sea salt -- well a half a cup of that spat in the sink chases any memories of my pee down the drain, and after that I wash my face and brush my teeth (more cleaning products being splashed down the sink, leaving it probably cleaner than it was when I woke up).

Now, all of these activities are using up some water, probably more than a cup or two for each step, and I would be doing all of them, each morning, no matter where I happened to pee; and if I peed in the toilet, well then I'd have to flush, and there's more of that most precious aquavideous resource being swept away for purposes which, in my mind, are repetitious as to what I accomplish by instead using the sink. Think that through, dear friends, on the bigger scale of life itself. A toilet flush carries away some two gallons of water -- two gallons!! For my mere cup or so of my misty morning bladder scatter!! So that's sixty gallons a month, over seven-hundred gallons a year, gallons which must be pumped from somewhere, and to somewhere, at someone's expense and by the exhaustion of some stock of fuel. So for the simple sake of peeing in the sink, I instead use only the water I use every day anyway for morning hygiene tasks, and rather than adding some strain to the ecosystem, I subtract some, at no detriment to any living thing.

And imagine the savings if everyone did that, millions, tens of millions of people, so doing instead of engaging in a morning routine which literally pisses away volumes of H2O in one vessel and then expends more of the same -- more than enough to carry off any traces of that first step -- at other equally routine tasks. And the only barrier to break to pull off so steep a savings, running into the billions of gallons of water annually, is getting over the initial unease of cleanly peeing in your own sink!!

Well, after bludgeoning the ship's corpsmen for almost seven weeks, I'm finally scheduled for an MRI tomorrow, to see what's up with my damaged left knee. I still can't fully flex it or put weight on it without considerable pain after whatever I managed to do. Maybe while I'm there, I can finagle having them look at my other knee, and shoulders. I've subluxed my right shoulder at least half a dozen times in the last month - and reduced it without medical intervention. I've been told that's not remotely normal, and I think I agree. Maybe now I can get someone to look closely enough to see that I'm not nuts.

Either way, we'll see. This might get me off the ship - I sincerely hope so. With INSURV coming up, our schedule keeps getting more and more insane.

Which brings me to another rant - All throughout deployment, and in the months since we've returned, they keep telling us 'suck up the pain and keep getting shit done, that way we won't have to go port and starboard and work six days a week before INSURV'. Trouble is, that's exactly what they're going to have us do, come the end of February. Fuck. They've been telling me to keep working, that things are going to get better, since I got here. They've only gotten worse. I'm fucking tired of it.

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