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I'd meant to do at least a once a week daylog, just to keep things fresh and whatnot. So here's my thought for today.

On the morning of December 31, I had a breakfast egg. Didn't think too much of it at the time, as I do that once in a while, but somehow it came up in conversation today, and a friend was shocked over it. You see, I'm a vegetarian. And, yes, once in a while -- a long while -- I do eat eggs, or cook with eggs (or milk). Because I'm not that kind of vegetarian. My diet is dictated, as many things in my life tend to be, by my theological beliefs, so I avoid eating of things where I know some suffering had to come to a living creature to provide my meal. But eggs don't suffer. And, really, it'd be pretty inconsistent of me to support early term abortion rights insofar as the young fetus hasn't got nerves meaningfully connected to a brain, and yet have a moral objection to ingestion of a food source which never reached that state either more so, (being that these eggs are inrfertile). And, to be sure, I know where my eggs come from, and it is a small farm where chickens are treated about as well as chickens might be expected to be treated by a conscientious farmer. No chemicals or drugs or crazy hormones or genetic engineering, just the egg produced as the natural biological result of a chicken being a chicken.

In completely unrelated news, I am proceeding at a decent pace on my promise to node audit all halfway+ iron noders. If your name is Aerobe, aeschylean, Auspice, DonJaime, Hazelnut, IWhoSawTheFace, jessicaj, lizardinlaw, moeyz, Montag, raincomplex, RoboQuote, synechdouche, wombat-socho, worn-out_shoe, or Zephronias, then congratulations, I have voated on all yoar noades.

If your name is Glowing Fish, mauler, Tem42, or The Custodian, then jeez, I'm workin' on it, but why'd you have to write so many? Blessings!!

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