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There have been strong links between Japan and Peru since the 1899, when the Japanese started to emigrate to Peru. About 100,000 people in Peru have Japanese ancestors. These links became even stronger when Alberto Fujimori, whose parents were Japanese immigrants, was elected President of Peru in 1990.

Nowadays, Japan provides loans and technical assistance to Peru. Japan is also called for help in dangerous situations: in 1992, during an attempted military coup, President Alberto Fujimori took refuge at the Japanese ambassador's residence.

Japan and Peru had to face a common crisis when the leftist rebels of Tupac Amaru occupied the same Japanese ambassador's residence in December 1996, and held 71 hostages, including the ambassador, during four months. The sieged ended with a raid by the Peruvian security forces.

The last episode in the Peruvian-Japanese relationship at the time of this writing (November 22, 2000), is the resignation of Alberto Fujimori who reportedly flew to Japan to escape the justice of Peru.

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