The following are a list of all known Japanese Car Makers:

Japanese cars are currently very popular, a result of their amazing fuel economy and afforable prices. However, a by-product of this economic boom, is an increase in traffic fatalities1.

Example 1:

This "minor" accident I witnessed occured in July 2001.

A nicely souped up Honda that looked no more than 3 years old, attempted to merge into traffic, and was unaware of a late to mid 1980s Jeep Grand Cherokee changing lanes. The accident occured at less than 15 miles an hour, since there was quite a bit of traffic on the road. What happened? Oh...the Honda's bumper fell clean off. The Jeep from my point of view, had no damage, and appeared fine, since the driver seemed more surprised at what happened to the Honda.

Notes: 1 - Total # of people killed last year in highway crashes up to 41,800 from 41,611 in 1999. Taken from

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