There are many different kinds of ramen in Japan with the main differences varying upon geographical location. Most each area, from Kyushu to Hokkaido, has its own special type of ramen. The differences between these areas types of ramen are mainly based upon the type of soup and the type of noodle. The main types of ramen are tonkotsu or pork based soup, shoyu or soy sauce based soup, and miso paste base soup. The noodles also come in many different types ranging from thin to thick and straight or curvy or even crinkly.

Some famous ramen are:

Some common ingredients in Japanese ramen include:

Often, gyoza is also eaten along with ramen at a ramenya.

At really delicious and famous ramenya, people will often stand in long lines for sometimes even an hour to eat. Every year, ramen maniacs compete on television for the title of ramen king.

The history of Japanese ramen can be traced to its origins in China. Influence was especially strong during the occupation of parts of China prior to the outbreak of World War II. Many Japanese settled in China and were heavily influenced not only culturally, but also in culinary ways. With the outbreak of the war and eventual defeat, those Japanese overseas returned with their Chinese influence and ramen has since then developed into to what it is today.

Instant noodles are not even close in taste, nutrition, and experience of real Japanese ramen or ramenya.

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