The phenomenon in that is going on with japanese girls, and designing a homepage about themselves. They are then visited by men who are obsessed with these girls, and the better ones get their URL published in japanese porn, and mens magazines. They are really just photo gallerys displaying pictures of themselves in semi-sexual poses, and showing how pretty they are.

All of these pages are extremly similar. They all have these following traits...

  • Always a page counter!!!!
  • A "Whats New" page.
  • A "Diary" or "Journal" page.
  • A "Garally" page. Which is a misspelled term ment for "Gallery".
  • A "Profile" page.
  • A "Links" page.
  • A "BBS" page, which is really just a forum (usually hosted by another site).

Then of course the best English you've ever seen. Random sentences, or keywords spliced together that make no sense, but look "cool". Here are some good examples, i don't recommend going to them.
If you want more, then go to their "Links" pages, where they list their "friends".

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