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Jarabe de Palo ("cane molasses") is the artistic name of Pau Donés, born October 11, 1966 in the region of Aragon and a long-time resident of Barcelona. Donés studied Business and Economics and later worked at an advertising agency, while playing gigs at Barcelona clubs at night until he was discovered by a scout from Virgin Records. Donés cut his first record when he was 30 and now has two long-play ("La Flaca" and "Depende") records on the market. He has now secured a position as one of the best contemporary performers in Spain, with his fusion of Latin sounds with Rock and Blues and inspiration from the music of The Beatles and Bob Marley.

Jarabe de Palo's first album, "La Flaca", won several of Spain's top music awards, including the Premio Ondas award for best song. In September 1998 Donés’s second record, "Depende", was released, confirming his position as one of Spain's leading talents in modern music. The title single climbed the lists thanks to its simple, catchy melody, but it is songs like Agua, Pura Sangre, Perro Apaleao and Duerme Conmigo which make the record a solid piece of work.

Backed by a band of accomplished musicians, Jarabe de Palo delivers some of the finest live performances in Spain. A long-awaited third album, "De Vuelta y Vuelta", is due for release by Virgin records in early 2001. Pau Donés lives in a remote village in the Pyrenees with his girlfriend, a snowboard instructor, and rides a Harley Davison.

La Flaca
  1. Quiero Ser Poeta

  2. Vuela

  3. No Suelo Compararme

  4. La Flaca

  5. Grita

  6. El Bosque De Palo

  7. El Lado Oscuro

  8. Quítame La Vida

  9. Dueño De Mi Silencio

  10. Desamor

  11. La Flaca - (acoustic)

  1. Depende

  2. Pura Sangre

  3. Te Miro Y Tiemblo

  4. La Plaza De Las Palmeras

  5. Realidad O Sueño

  6. Agua

  7. Perro Apaleao

  8. Vivo En Un Saco

  9. Toca Mi Canción

  10. Duerme Conmigo

  11. Vive Y Deja Vivir

  12. Mi Mundo En Tu Mano

  13. Adios

  14. A Lo Loco

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