It should also be mentioned that Jared Fogel's weight loss was not entirely the result of doing nothing but eating Subway sandwiches and potato chips. Jared also walked a great deal, and did other exercises on a very regular basis.

The Veggie Delight sandwich may have helped him, but the weight loss was a result of diligent effort on Jared's part. Subwasy sure likes to think that it was all them, and not Jared's hard work, as it's fantastic for advertising, as I'm sure most of North America can attest to. At any rate, I like Jared. His commercials were the predecessors to the Clay Henry commercials.

Also, this confusion about what really made Jared lose weight was attacked by the creators of South Park in an episode aired 6 March 2002, in which Jared tells the people of the world that it was not just Subway that resulted in his weight loss. He said he has aides. Get it? Aides sounds like AIDS, so a panic insues. It was a good parody of advertising schemes like the one Subway is using, though, so I got a laugh out of it.

Jared is cool. I like Subway. Clay Henry is better. But, if you want to lose weight, you really don't need Subway and their 6 inch sandwiches.

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