a more famous (infamous?) brand of lawn dart. These are extremely dangerous (but fun!) toys for kids to play with (at least until someone puts an eye out...), and have thus been illegal in the United States since 1988. (source of that illegality date: jarts.com)

I remember playing with Jarts(tm) when I was younger. They came with a plastic ring that you placed on the ground and the object was to throw your Jart(tm) in the circle.

Like horseshoes with a leathal dart about a foot long.

I didn't play that way. Instead, in a stunning attempt to kill myself and prove Darwanism correct, I attempted to throw them as high in the air as I could. Straight up. This often led to hilarious bursts of adrenaline as I would realize the danger I was in and ran for cover.

I never suffered serious injury, but this also never resulted in a lawsuit.

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