The main character of the Jazz Jackrabbit series, that was created by Orange Games and Epic Megagames.

The series exists out of 5 commercial products:

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 - Created by epic megagames, won the PC Format Arcade Game of the Year 1994 award.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - It's sequel, using a eight-layer parrellax engine. It's internet-enabled, and by many considered one of the best platform games around. Spaz jackrabbit was introduced here.

Quote from Jazz2Online: "In an industry increasingly dominated by blood, gratuitous nudity and violence, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a breath of fresh air for the computer-game-playing family. Jazz 2 was designed from the ground up to be enjoyed by anyone from age six to adult. Its fascinating worlds, vibrant colors, and smooth animation make for a joyously thrilling experience. Jazz 2 proves that the rumors of the platform game genre's demise are greatly exaggerated."

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: HH98 - Christmas special for Jazz Jackrabbit. Enemies are wearing christmas clothing and there is one new tileset included. Acts like the shareware version.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: TSF - Add-on for Jazz jackrabbit, featuring 25 levels designed by fans, 3 new tilesets. It also introduces Lori jackrabbit, a new playable character.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: CC - Only released in Holland and Poland, because Project2 went bankrupt. European version of HH98. Not a shareware version this time. It also includes lori jackrabbit and some fan-designed levels, taken from a easter contest.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3: An abandoned project. World tree games started to work (without fund) on this sequel, using the unreal engine. Because they could not find a publisher that would want to fund the unreal engine for their project, they quit.
God games and Project II were publishers from Jazz jackrabbit 2, but Project 2 went bankrupt(their sales for Jazzjackrabbit 2 were good though) and God Games did not want to fund Jazz Jackrabbit 3 because they lost money on Jazz Jackrabbit 2)

Noded characters:

Lori Jackrabbit
Spaz Jackrabbit
Eva Earlong
Devan Shell

Other nodes about Jazz Jackrabbit or things that have something to do with it:

Dean Dodrill
JJ2 - Just a see also node
Epic MegaGames

Project III, a new company that continues the product line of bankrupt Project 2, has considered sponsoring Jazz Jackrabbit 3. Orange games has considered making a sequel. A Jazz Jackrabbit 3 logo, quite possibly genuine, has been circulating. Some hints have been dropped.

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