Formed in 1998, Jazz Is Dead is an exploration of the Grateful Dead's songbook by four world-class musicians, each with stellar individual reputations. However they are not a Tribute Band (at least, not in any traditional form).

"Jazz Is Dead uses the Grateful Dead's music as jumping off points for extended instrumental improvisations. In doing so, the group provides a missing link between '70s fusion and the jazz/rock aesthetic of the current jam band scene. While Deadheads will immediately warm to titles such as "China Cat Sunflower" and "St. Stephen," Jazz Is Dead's true audience are music-heads who love hearing technically proficient artists lay down a groove and burn.
And burn they do. Steve Graybow, Billboard

Jimmy Herring (guitar), currently in Phil Lesh & Friends / Allman Brothers fill-in
Alphonso Johnson (bass), Weather Report, Santana, The Other Ones
T. Lavitz (keyboards), played in Widespread Panic, also Dixie Dregs keyboardist
Rod Morgenstein (drums), teaches at Berkeley, also Dixie Dregs drummer


Jazz Is Dead
Blue Sky Rain
Great Sky River

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