A Jedi Knight is a Jedi well versed in the ways of a Jedi, and The Force. Trained as an apprentice, the Jedi Knight serves as warrior, diplomat, defender, judge, mentor, and even trainer. Though not as skilled as a Jedi Master, the Knight is a formidable foe in both combat and cunning.

One of the great downfalls of Jedi Knight was the fact that the multiplayer was in no way balanced. It exceeded as a single player game, but in multiplayer, it degraded heavily because of one thing:

Proximity Mines

It quickly degraded into who could set these nearly invisible mines better. These devastatingly powerful and totally destructive devices reduced the game to 3d minesweeper. The multiplayer quickly faded, and many people strapped their Quake hats right back on. The light saber duels were probably the most interesting part IMO, and that almost never came into play in the multiplayer.

I still remember looking over the edge of some of the levels, looking down and feeling that sink in my stomach. That's how much I got into that game. I'd look over the edge, and think, "Holy shit, that's far." Of course there are games with better graphics and such, and probably better gameplay and plot, but man, at the time, looking out over how HUGE each one of those levels were, it was quite impressive. The sheer size of some of the things, especially the AT-AT walkers really made you think "Hmmmm, i'm not going to attack that thing. That's SUICIDE." All in all, a wonderfully done game by LucasArts.

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