A website fronted by webmasters known as "Tbone" and "Ribeye." The sole mission of the site is to spread flyers to bathrooms all over the globe that have a photo of Jeff Goldblum starring creepily into the camera that states "JEFF GOLDBLUM IS WATCHING YOU POOP" along with the URL of their website.

The website, which was launched by the duo in 2002, is an internet eyesore. With its ugly red background, bare design and abundance of cheesy GIFs (one featuring a dancing Kool Aid Man). It's also chock full of hilarious text that breaks many internet etiquette rule by frequently typing in all caps and using phrases such as "if U R awayke, THE BLUM wus just on an rerun of SATURUDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! aftr teh show he went bakstage and wached them all POOP!!!"

Yet, while these efforts seem laughable, the duo does have some fine achievements in the movement of making sure people know that the star of ID4 and countless iMac commercials is watching them move their bowels.

They recorded and released a techno theme song for the site and recorded it under the name Shooting Elizabeth, which was a 1992 post-"The Fly", pre-"Jurassic Park" effort from Goldblum that tanked hard. The song, named after the site, features samples from Jeff Goldblum's films.

In June 2002, only months after the sites launch, the site was mentioned on "V Graham Norton", a UK show hosted by the now Comedy Central star Graham Norton. Ribeye, one half of the “Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop” team, made a September 15th, 2003 appearance on the techTV (now known as g4) program Unscrewed with Martin Sargent on national television.

The site also trigged fame from other commentary sites online. Making appearances on "The Poop Report" (www.poopreport.com), Utterlyboring.com, and most impressively, was featured on "Worst of the Web" (www.worstoftheweb.com) with a quote that read (grammatical errors intentional): "I hope Jeff see's me crap a juciy turd on this page's print out."

Thus far, the site has documented sightings of the flyers in Philadelphia, Bowling Green, Ohio, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Vigo, Spain, Birmingham, U.K, and Pittsburgh, although I'm sure (or I hope) that there have been many more sightings.

They are many joys to the world wide web, and having the opportunity to begin a movement to post flyers worldwide of Jeff Goldblum starring you down as you take a dump is most definitely one of them.


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