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Techno artist, dj. Used to record for Underground Resistance in early nineties. Left Underground Resistance for regular dj night in New York, club Limelight. Currently records for his own record labels, Axis(also Axiswear for Axis records themed clothes), Purpose Maker, and Tomorrow. Before Underground Resistance -period, he was known as The Wizard, from radio programme he used to have. No doubt he got this nickname because of his very aggressive DJ'ing style.

One of his albums, Metropolis, is a soundtrack for a old movie of the same name, directed by Fritz Lang. Metropolis (the movie) has been shown couple of times with Mr Mills' soundtrack, and there has been discussion about possible DVD-release.

Jeff's dj-style is of that cut-up style: he mixes quickly with 2 or 3 record players and a Roland TR-909 drum machine, and he plays mostly techno records, with occasional house-track thrown in. Fast cut-up style is also known as The Chicago Style, where dj only plays small snippets from records - the best part of tracks instead of playing the whole song.

Although his personal life, as much of other things are kept secret from the media, it is known that he has daughter. His marital status is unknown.

Here's partial discography of Mr. Mills:

Underground Resistance
UR013 X-101   - X-101 LP (Possibly not released at all on UR?)
UR013.5 X-101 - G-Force 12"

Axis Records
AX-001 H & M        - Tranquilizer EP 12"
AX-004 Millsart     - Mecca EP 12"
AX-005 X-103        - Thera EP 12"
AX-006 H & M        - Drama EP 12"
AX-008 Jeff Mills   - Cycle 30 12"
AX-009A Jeff Mills  - Confidential 12"
AX-009B Jeff Mills  - unreleased 12"
AX-009AB Jeff Mills - Axis 9A & 9B 2x12"
AX-009CD Jeff Mills - Actual 2x12" (Axis 9C & Axis9D compiled, previously unreleased)
AX-010 Jeff Mills   - Growth 12"
AX-011 Jeff Mills   - The Purpose Maker 12"
AX-012 Jeff Mills   - Humana 12"
AX-013 X-103        - Tephra EP 12"
AX-014 Jeff Mills   - The Other Day 2xLP/CD
AX-015 Jeff Mills   - The Other Day EP 12"
AX-016 Jeff Mills   - Very 12"
AX-018 Jeff Mills   - Tomorrow EP 12"
AX-019b Jeff Mills  - Apollo EP 12"
AX-020 Millsart     - Every Dog Has Its Day 12"
AX 021 Jeff Mills   - Lifelike EP 12"
AX 022 Jeff Mills   - Metropolis 12"
AX-023 Millsart     - Every Dog Has Its Day vol. 2 12"
AX 024 Jeff Mills   - 4 Art / UFO 12"
AX 026 Millsart     - Every Dog Has Its Day III 2x12"
AX ??? Jeff Mills   - At First Sight CD

TW-001 Jeff Mills   - Preview EP 12"
TW-800 Jeff Mills   - Time Machine CD

Music Man
MM 064 Jeff Mills   - Lifelike EP 12" 
MMCD 007 Jeff Mills - Lifelike CD 
MMCD 015 Jeff Mills - Every Dog Has It's Day CD

Purpose Maker
PM 001 Jeff Mills - The Java ep 12" 
PM 002 Jeff Mills - Kat Moda ep 12" 
PM 003 Jeff Mills - Force Universelle EP 12" 
PM 004 Jeff Mills - Our Man In Havana 12" 
PM 005 Jeff Mills - Steampit EP 12" 
PM 006 Jeff Mills - Vanishing Act EP 12" 
PM 007 Jeff Mills - Live Series: Live At The Rex Club 12"
PM 008 Jeff Mills - Skin Deep EP 12" 
PM 009 Jeff Mills - If / Tango 12" 
PM 010 Jeff Mills - Circus 12" 
PM 012 Millsart   - Jet Set ep 12"
PM 014 Jeff Mills - The Electrical Experience 12" 

TRESOR 1 X-101        - X-101 LP/CD
TRESOR 9 X-103        - Atlantis 12"
TRESOR 10 X-103       - Thera 12"
TRESOR 11 Jeff Mills  - Waveform Transmission Volume One LP/CD
TRESOR 23 Jeff Mills  - The Extremist 12"
TRESOR 25 Jeff Mills  - Waveform Transmission Volume 3 2xLP/CD
TRESOR 76 Jeff Mills  - Waveform Transmissions Volume 3 2xLP/CD (Re-issued)
TRESOR 155 Jeff Mills - Metropolis CD
TRESOR 155 Jeff Mills - Metropolis 2 12" 
TRESOR ??? Jeff Mills - Late Night 12"

Various labels
Gigolo 002 Jeff Mills - Shifty Disco EP 12"
Essence PROMO Jeff Mills  - Psycho Thrill ep (100 copies pressed, promo only)
aict-43 Jeff Mills    - From The 21st CD (Japan only)
CD55143 Jeff Mills    - The Art of Connecting CD
Sony s3 484028-2 Mix-Up vol.2 - Jeff Mills Live at the Liquid Room/Tokyo CD

Thanks to mkb for pointing out missing records, as well as erroneous info on X-101!

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