Multi-millionaire British author and disgraced Conservative politician, Archer's career has been basically built on one lie after another. He was forced to resign as prospective candidate for Mayor of London when it emerged that he'd bribed a friend to lie for him in Court during a libel case over him allegedly picking up prostitutes.

This man makes Bill Clinton look like a saint.
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Jeffrey Archer is 'Probably the greatest storyteller of our age', according to the Mail on Sunday. But did you know he also writes novels? And did you know...

  • Jeffrey claimes his 'Simple Truth' concert for the Kurds raised over fifth-seven million pounds, whereas the simple truth was that it raised only four million pounds.
  • Jeffrey was a member of the DCM League, which you can only join of you or a close relitave holds the Distinguished Conduct Medal. When asked, Jefferey said "I rarely talk about my father and his DCM". Maybe that's because his father - William Archer - didn't win the DCM; It was a completely different William Archer.
  • Some years ago, Jeffrey Archer had a little problem with his maths. He had to return money to the UN Association, a charitable body, after no fewer than sixty-nine of his expense claims were proven false!
  • Jeffrey joined the Metropoliton Police in 1960, but in the mid eighties, he denied in The Times Diary that he had once been a policeman!
  • Jeffrey's father was the British Consul in Singapore, according to an interview in the Guardian in 1973. The trouble is, Singapore has never had a consul; Jeffrey's father was a local journalist in Weston-Super-Mare.
  • Jeffrey once said in an article for the Sunday Times "Mother was very proud when I got to Oxford. She was very upset when I left after graduating." Curiously, Jeffrey doesn't have a degree, or any 'A' levels for that matter!
  • Jeffrey claims a qualification from the University of California at Berkeley, but when asked, they had no record of him at all!
  • When Jeffrey visited Kurdistan, he urged the locals to shout Bijou Kurdistan, which he thought meant 'Long Live Kurdistan'. In fact, Bijou means 'Bastard'.

He is now an author, and writes supprisingly readable books about topics like CIA Assasins.

Update - 21/06/2001 - Jefferey is currently being tried in London; In the 1980s, the Daily Star claimed he slept with a prostitute, and he sued for libel; he won. It's alledged he fabricated evidence, got people to make false diaries, give him an alibi, etc. and many people are now coming out with evidence. Personally, I hope he looses.

Jeffrey Archer (at the time of writing - July, 2001) is serving a 4 year sentence for perjury.

His first appearance in British satirical magazine Private Eye was on the 5th December, 1969 (issue 208) when they set out in some detail allegations originating with Humphrey Berkeley, the chair at that time of the United Nations Association, that Archer had abused his expense account with that organisation. Lord Archer-sick-of-him (as he's sometimes known in that esteemed periodical) was a Tory candidate for a safe seat in a byelection happening at the time, and when the Eye suggested to Berkeley that he was a less than perfect prospective parliamentarian, Berkeley responded: "Parliament? He should be in a remand home!"

Archer had previously been employed as an expense account consultant by the (Tory dominated) Greater London Council of 1967. For filling out expense forms on their behalf, he was granted a fee of 10 percent of the resulting claim.

Here are some quotes from the 27 July, 2001, edition of Private Eye (from which the above information is also drawn)

"If someone has 17 previous offences for robbery, it might just be a clue that while out on bail they will do it again, and I can add that I am sick and tired of reading about young offenders who put two fingers up to the police because they know they can go and commit exactly the same offence again without any fear of being punished"

--Jeffrey Archer,
to the Conservative party conference debate on Law and Order, 6th October, 1993

"At the height of his success it almost seemed that [Jeffrey Archer] was being offered to the public on a tray as a sample of what it meant to be a successful Conservative. As his own tale became less convincing, so he was advanced by the party, first to the Lords and then to candidacy as Mayor of London. What a want of judgement!"

Daily Telegraph, 20 July, 2001

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