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Jennifer, 26 years old, is the proud mother of 3 children and also...

Okay, first of all, this is a meme. I don't know if this is real. This is a supposed profile from a dating site or dating app, and it would take about 5 minutes to put together in photoshop so before I make an analysis of modern society, I should point out that in all fairness, this might all be made up.

Jennifer, 26 has four bullet points in her bio:

all accompanied by a picture of our blond, smiling Jennifer, alone in a field, hands on hips, wearing some ripped up jeans and a midriff-baring top. Jennifer is blond and conventionally pretty and smiling widely. Of course, as mentioned, this could be a joke and this is just a stock photo.

There has been a slow unrolling of stereotypes. From a time when dating was for men and women, we moved to acknowledging homosexual relationships. And then moving on to bisexual relationships, or even relationships where emotional interest and sexual interest are separate. I do believe that sexuality and romance are both a spectrum that someone might have different interests in. And it isn't hard to see how Jennifer, 26, came to have these particular circumstances. She is a lesbian woman who married a man and adopted his three children, and she loves him and is a mother to their children, all while having no sexual interest in her beloved husband, and without consummating their physical relationship. (Whether she is a "virgin" in the sense of never having had intercourse with a man, or whether it means she has never engaged in acts of physical intimacy would have to be guessed at, but hopefully not for too long). There are around 330 million people in the United States, and so it seems possible, in our day and age, that someone is in such a situation.

Assuming this is real. This is probably just a meme. Stuff on the internet is often not real, okay?

But memes and jokes exist for a reason. And this is where I am going to say something that I hope doesn't make me sound like an ignorant jerk: I have seen people on the internet get cute about their gender identity and sexual preferences, throwing things together that seem self-contradictory. I have seen people list themselves as pansexual lesbians, or be fond of spankings while declaring BDSM disgusting, or have an avid interest in sexual literature while declaring themselves asexual---okay, I don't want to get too far into the specifics, but I have been on the internet long enough to have seen a lot of stuff. So while our Jennifer, 26 (assuming she is not a meme, and honestly, I think that is the more likely case) could indeed be in the peculiar position of being in an asexual but romantic marriage, it also seems that it could be a set-up to point out to the world what a special snowflake she is. At least, that is the point of the meme.

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