Jenny McCarthy was born November 1st, 1972 on the south side of Chicago and dreamed at a very young age of becoming a Playmate for Playboy. After breast implants at age 18, she got her start in Playboy becoming Miss October in 1993. She went on to become the Playmate of the Year which opened many doors. After this success, she went on to co-host MTV's gameshow, Singled Out.

After leaving Singled Out she starred in her own MTV show, The Jenny McCarthy Show. After only one season, this was canceled. Even after this show bombed, she was offered her own sitcom on NBC, The Jenny Show. This lasted one season and was canceled.

Jenny has had minor roles in Scream 3, BASEketball, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, The Stupids and Diamonds. She continues to be a sex symbol for the youth of America but vows never to do nudity again.

Jenny is married to director John Asher and once was the long time girlfriend of Ray Manzella. There are rumors of a new show starring Jenny on Fox, but those have been shot down quickly.

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