A superpowered being introduced to the Wildstorm comics line by Warren Ellis in Stormwatch #37. A fractured idealist, Jenny was born on the first of January, 1900, and since her 19th birthday has not aged.

A member of various superhuman groups, with often-disastrous results, she was recruited into Stormwatch as head of the black ops branch. Her talent was rather powerful, granting her full control over electricity in any form, including travelling along power lines and radio waves as an electrical signal, and deducting the electricity from the human brain. This was in addition to seeming immortality and an immunity to the negative effects of nicotine and alcohol. But as with the rest of Ellis' characters, it was not her powers that were her main focus. It was her personality.

A true idealist, Jenny had wanted to change the world from the second she started. Several setbacks had caused her to become jaded and cynical, and as close to alcoholic as she could get. Recruited by the Weatherman, head of Stormwatch, he offered her the chance to do what she had always wanted: To change the world.

After the revelation of the Weatherman's insanity during the "Change or Die" story arc, Jenny tracked him down with the intent of killing him for his betrayal of her ideal. Having done so, she remained with Stormwatch Black in New York whilst the other two teams were decimated by the Aliens of H. R. Geiger fame. Shortly afterwards, she formed the Authority, a group that worked on a grander scale. As head of the Authority, she repeatedly saved people and generally tried to make the world a better place.

She died trying to make a better world, as God attempted to reclaim his Earth from the "Six billion human bacteria" infesting it. She succeded, but apparently died in the process. The epitaph upon her tomb was simple, and summed up the character perfectly: "Bugger this. I want a better world."

Crucial to the character of Jenny Sparks is the fact that she is the "Spirit of the 20th Century". In The Authority #20(?) she saves the world from "god", then dies at the turn of the century. As she is a "spirit", she lives on, reincarnated in a child's body.

The child happens to be a girl, but we have yet to determine if she is consciously the same character as Jenny Sparks. The baby does demonstrate accelerated development and post-human abilities.

A curious footnote: other characters in Warren Ellis' world were born on January 1st, 1900. These have been at the forefront on the Planetary series of comic books.

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