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Under the pseudonym Tycho Brahe, he writes the scripts for the Penny Arcade online comic strip and various spinoffs, such as Over Easy and the initial strips of The Bench before it "went public". Geibu-san (Mike Krahulik) does the artwork. Despite running a web comic that's so popular it (a) has several thousand dollars a month in bandwidth and hosting costs and (b) manages to pay those costs entirely with voluntary donations, he's a really nice and accessible guy: when I was visiting Seattle with some friends, we randomly decided to email him and invite him out to dinner and drinks; and lo, he was free, and we all got together at Goldie's on 45th and Wallingford Pizza House ("Home of the Dome") and had a great time talking about games and politics and suchlike. It wasn't like we knew him or anything, he's just a cool guy and willing to hang out with random fans.

Jerry is short, round, and bald, all of which squarepig was able to use to his advantage when suddenly licking his head in a bizarre parting ritual. Jerry doesn't talk to us any more, but he'll probably talk to you. (Unless we've turned him off meeting strangers forever, of course.)

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