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Eclectic band with roots in emo and indie, it features front-man Blake Schwarsenbach (from jawbreaker, which is why it's hard to tell the difference between a Jawbreaker song and badly-produced JTB song), Brian Maryansky, Jeremy Chatlain, and Chris Daly.

Formed in 1997, Jets to Brazil currently has two albums on the jadetree records label: Orange Rhyming Dictionary and Four Cornered Night. Both are solid albums with heartful emo lyricism and good guitar work. First listeners might like Sweet Avenue, Chinatown, or King Medicine from Orange Rhyming Dictionary and You're Having the Time of My Life or Your X-Rays... from Four-Cornered Night.

Like all emo bands, Jets to Brazil is limited to a narrow range of emotional topics and musical sounds; however, JTB manages often to make the same themes seem sincere and fresh.

Live shows generally kick ass, though they're often plagued by the same work-in-progress opening bands that all punk and emo bands have. Schedules can be found at jadetree.com and albums are available (MP3s aren't hard to find).

In October 2002, NYC's Jets to Brazil released their third full length LP, "Perfecting Loneliness." The record was produced by J. Robbins, formerly of the seminal D.C. bands Jawbox and Government Issue. Their label describes it thusly:

"Jets To Brazil's third offering is a mirror ball of sound that reflects a clearer, more focused band and represents not so much a continuation of Jets To Brazil's previous gestures, but rather a better understanding of them. Having mastered their brave blend of angular rock, epic balladry, and really cool keyboard noises, the Jets have accomplished what is quite clearly the defining record of their career."

The track list

1. Frequency, The
2. You're The One I Want
3. Cat Heaven
4. Perfecting Loneliness
5. Lucky Charm
6. Wish List
7. Psalm
8. Autumn Walker
9. Further North
10. William Tell Override
11. Disgrace
12. Rocket Boy

A fall tour in support of the record was scheduled, but was been cancelled due to illness.

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