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Ah, nodeshells! As it turns out, this is a real organization, at least in cyberspace. They were formulated as a response to Jews for Jesus. Though I think the level of scholarship on the site is lacking somewhat, and I am no great fan of polemic, I have no argument with the attempt conceptually, so long as it is made obvious that they are Muslims, teaching Islam. The major issue I always had with J4J is the apparent deception practiced by some of its members to gather Jews who are ignorant of their religion. Hopefully, J4A will avoid that evil inclination.


This web site is one of the more inane, ridiculous, and offensive I've run across in my day.

As with any manufactured group wrapping themselves in the confused tangle of ethnic and religious identity, the Jews For Allah harp on racial pedigrees to a distasteful extent, taking the worst of the racial deterministic theories of 19th century Europe to their ridiculous logical end. But, unlike, say, the Five Percent Nation, Jews For Jesus, Black Hebrews, Sons of Yahweh, or the 50's era Nation of Islam, they can't even get their racial origin myth straight. In one article, entitled Jews and Arabs genetic brothers?(sic) they claim that Jews throughout the world share a common genetic descent and are indistinguishable from the Arabs of the Middle East. In this article, they cite real Y chromosome studies showing that Jews throughout the world have one particular common genetic marker and use it to claim that Jews throughout the world have been a racially insulated community and retain their similarity to Arabs. I suppose the purpose of this is to imply a 'racial affinity' for Islam among Jews. Then, in another article, Jews are not a race ? they claim precisely the exact opposite!! stating that the Jews of Europe are descended from the Khazars, a Turkic people (a claim which is a favorite of racial anti-semitists and is demonstrably false). They use this assertion as a way of claiming that the Europe-descended citizens of Israel have no right to be in Palestine. I guess what they really want to say here is that Jews have no right to be in Israel, unless they convert to Islam of course, which will then change their genetic makeup thus permitting them to live in a certain region of the world. Of course.

Elsewhere on the site, there are some testimonials from members of the group. What is interesting is that all of these testimonials start out with something like "I tried Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shamanism, etc… but nothing felt right. Then I tried Islam…" Hmm. So you're telling me certified lifelong religion hoppers are joining your fringe movement? Sign me up.

Elsewhere, there is a section entitled Judaism and communism where they claim that Judaism as a religion is wrong because it supports communism. The fact cited to support this claim is as follows: Karl Marx was Jewish. The ultimate hilarity here is that Karl Marx was ethnically (half) Jewish, but religiously his family had converted to Lutheranism. Then there are articles about how the Islamic world heroically resisted communism, and how the Zionists tried to bring it. Whoa. What any of this has to do with finding a new religion is beyond me.

And, of course, like the Nation Of Islam does with African Americans, J.F.A. tries to claim that any Jews who have embraced the Islamic faith have done so through their organization. Among the testimonials are several that are conspicuously not in the first person.

Then there is the jaw dropping article entittled Jews burn their synogogue for sympathy and insurance money in which one 'Muhammad' makes this claim and then goes on to list prominent media figures who are Jewish, beginning with the statement "What we hear, see and learn is 100% Proof that we live under a total Jewish government and media." Replace the word 'Jewish' with 'corporate', and you speak the truth, Muhammad. Leave it as is and you are a dispicable, misinformed racist.

In all, the 'Jews For Allah' website displays a revolting combination of ethnic and religious hatred of Judaism, and complete ignorance of history, biology, religion, politics, statecraft, ethics, morals, and logic.

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