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A character in the Starcraft universe, member of the Terran species, and much like his brother in arms Gui Montag, an overall badass.

Jim Raynor is perhaps one of the most intriguing and deep characters in the Starcraft and subsequent Broodwar expansion pack storylines. While playing the Terran scenario, Jim Raynor is introduced to you quite early. As a marine, he helped you to rid the planet of the Zerg infestation. He later makes an appearance in a Vulture, and then again later on in a Goliath. Jim Raynor is the man who literally saves the Terrans from themselves, and from the Zerg/Protoss fleets.

Jim Raynor is a hero. Along with Edmund Duke and Gui Montag, Jim makes up the trio of what some could call the working man's hero. He isn't in a battlecruiser high above the action, or in a command center. He is in the thick of the action; albeit solo or alongside his brothers Gui and Edmund. Throughout the game, he is torn between two sides. His loyalty to the Terran Confederation and his feelings of what are right. His feelings of what is right and the Terran Confederation do not go hand in hand. To him, the Confederation is an evil and corrupt organization. However, sworn by an oath, he serves them dutifully and without question.

Jim Raynor also makes an appearance in the custom map series Marine Madness. As the second hero presented to a player (achieved at a 2500 point total), Raynor is one of the more weaker heroes overall, perhaps being only stronger than Dark Templar and Zergling heroes. Groups of marines can be mowed down eventually by Raynor. When his Stim-Pack is activated, he can kill a Marine at the rate of one a second. It takes one machine gun shot to kill a standard marine in Marine Madness. Jim Raynor, like Gui Montag, is best whe kept in player's bunker and used when a hostile player decides to marine rush your bunker. Unsheath Gui and Jimmy from their bunker resort and watch the numbers dwindle. Do not let Jimmy attack more powerful heroes one on one. Jimmy will die.

See James Raynor for an alternate biography.

Sources: www.blizzard.com/starcraft/ and my own memory

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