Jim Steinman is a simply brilliant songwriter, responsible for the girl group Pandora's Box. He's better known for writing the lyrics to almost every Meat Loaf song that's any good. He's been described as "Little Richard Wagner", and sets most of his songs in a land where everyone is a teenager wearing too little clothing. He also worked on Andrew Lloyd Weber's Whistle Down the Wind. It may seem at times that he's got only one song in him, but if that's so, it's a damned fine one.

Besides being a talented songwriter and producer, Jim Steinman has also composed the energetic (somebody might say pompous) music for Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell 1 and 2 plus various songs on other Metal Loaf albums. He has released one solo album, Bad For Good (1981), which included songs written for Meat Loaf but which were never recorded by the artist (although Meat Loaf did record some of the songs later). Steinman formed the girl group Pandora's Box in late 80's and wrote the music for their album Original Sin (1989). He has also written or co-written music or lyrics for Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart), Andrew Lloyd Webber (the musical Whistle Down the Wind) , Celine Dion (It's All Coming Back to Me Now), Sisters Of Mercy (More), Boyzone (No Matter What), Barbra Streisand (Left in the Dark) and many other popular artists.

Jim Steinman died on April 29, 2021 at the age of 73.

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