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In 2003, James Wilkinson was nominated and has served as Deputy Assistant to President Bush and also as Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications.

Wilkinson graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington where he received his B.B.A in finance. After this, he received hes masters from John Hopkins University. Mr. Wilkinson is also an officer in the US Navy Reserves. After receiving his masters, he worked for Majority Leader Dick Armey from 1992 to 2000.

Before his current position, Wilkinson managed the White House Coalition Information Center for the war against terror. During this time he also worked as a part of Tommy Franks staff at US Central Command where he helped with Operation Enduring Freedom and also Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As a part of the transition team from Clinton to Bush as a spokesman for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Information for this node taken from www.whitehouse.gov/government/wilkinson-bio.html

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