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The story behind the song Jimmy James is told in the liner notes of the Beastie Boys compilation, The Sounds Of Science: In homage to the great Jimi Hendrix, MCA had scratched a number of Hendrix samples into the song, but the record label was unable to obtain clearance for those samples before the Check Your Head album was ready for release, so they had to be replaced with others that sounded similar.

Meanwhile, after the album was finished, the Hendrix estate finally granted permission to use the original samples, so the Beasties put out the "OG version" as a single, and on the Best Of set. (And a good thing, too, because the Hendrixified version sounds much nicer.)

"Dave, I don't know if you've noticed but most of the stuff I do is weirder than hell." - Jimmy James

Jimmy James (portrayed by Stephen Root) is the multimillionaie owner and CEO of Jimmy James, Inc., a company that owns a number of production and media outlets on TV's NewsRadio. The crown jewel of his empire is a small AM radio station broadcasting in New York, WNYX 980 AM. James grew up in Ocala, Florida, fought the Hippies during the Vietnam War era, and eventually became a self-made millionaire through a series of investments and gambling. Most notably he's attempted and/or carried out the following unusual or eccentric schemes and actions:

The Newsradio Station website: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/8183/

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