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James Isaac Neutron (Jimmy to his friends) is just your average boy genius with a robot dog and his own rocket-powered backpack, until the day his parents (and parents all over the world) are abducted by aliens. It's up to Jimmy and the neighbourhood kids to rescue their parents. Unfortunately for Jimmy, their parents are lightyears away.

Another of Steve Oedekerk's delightfully bizarre creations (Patch Adams, Thumb Wars), Jimmy Neutron makes a wonderful Christmas treat for the entire family. The typical "boy gets mad at parents, parents get kidnapped, boy rescues parents" plot is blasted into the future with the help of Jimmy's incredible brain ("I may be small, but I've got a big brain!"). Voiced by Nickelodeon regulars Andrea Martin, Rob Paulsen, and Frank Welker, with special guest appearances by Martin Short, and Star Trek: TNG's own "Captain Picard," Patrick Stewart, this movie is full of star power, and it shows. Though admittedly a little light on plot, and rather predictable throughout, the movie has enough funny points to keep you laughing and forgetting that you can't breathe in space long enough to enjoy it immensely. Oh - and don't forget the toe-tapping soundtrack with covers of hits like "Danger Zone," "We Got The Beat," and "He Blinded Me With Science," as well as several original pieces by teen pop sensation Aaron Carter. You never lack for music at just the right time.

It may not be a record-breaker, but Jimmy Neutron is a great candidate for family movie night. Rated G.

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