Full name "James Savile OBE" - (OBE = awarded the Order Of The British Empire award by the Queen).

Popular presenter of British children's TV programs over a long period of time from the Seventies (?) up to the late Eighties. Before this time he was a radio DJ, originally I believe for the British pirate radio station Radio Caroline.

Best known and loved for his hugely popular and long-running children's TV show Jim'll Fix It, where he invariably appeared in a track suit with a big cigar and plenty of gold medallions (waaaay before Run DMC copied the idea), where, at least once per show, he delivered his catchphrase "Now then, now then" (in a funny voice while wiggling his cigar and/or eyebrows)

Sir Jim is also known for his copious amounts of charity work, marathon running, cigar smoking, and general being-exactly-the-sort-of-person-you-always-wished-your-grandfather-was-likeness. Lesser known is that in his early career he was a wrestler, amongst other things.

However, in recent years, it has come to light that Sir Jim does, however, have a much darker side.. see Jim'll Fix It for the gory details..

A famous person from Leeds, Sir Jimmy is also known as one of the London Marathon's oldest regular competitors, hence the catchphrase of impressionists everywhere (doing Jimmy Savile) has become:

"Now then, now then, joggy joggy, jangle jangle, jewelry jewelry"

Sir James has a nasty habit of referring to himself as Uncle Jimmy, and as far as I can tell he's had the same hairstyle for the last 50 years (long and grey-blonde... there's no accounting for taste). According to the book Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Jimmy Savile was one of the pioneers of the nightclub as we know it today, being as he was the first person ever to implement two turntables and a microphone.

(famous people from Leeds)

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