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In the world of snooker, Jimmy "The Whirlwind" White MBE, is quite simply, a legend.

Regarded as the people's champion, Jimmy was born on the 2nd of May 1962 in Oxshott, Surrey, England. Although considered to be one of the greatest snooker players of all time, Jimmy has never actually won a world championship. He has come close so many times but always seems to fall at the last hurdle, his most famous defeat in this fashion was against Stephen Hendry in the 1992 Sheffield Crucible World Championship. Jimmy was leading 14-8 and needed the black to win, but missed. Hendry came back to win ten frames in a row and subsequently, the championship.

Jimmy was introduced to snooker at the tender age of 11 by his father Tommy White. While he was supposed to be studying at Ernest Bevin Comprehensive in Tooting, Jimmy and his friend Tony Meo were receiveing a diferent type of education at Zan's Snooker Hall. As well as learning the art of top ranking amateur snooker, Jimmy was also taught to hustle by a character named 'Dodgy Bob', perhaps an early indication of the gambling and money problems Jimmy was to face later on in his life as a professional. His gambling addiction was legendary, cards and horses were his favourite. Once in interview, Jimmy admitted to carrying tens of thousands of pounds around in the boot of his car, should the opportunity of a wager arise.

He earned his nickname "The Whirldwind" due to his aggresive, no bullshit style of play, as well as his speed on the table. He is married to wife Maureen and they have five children together, Ashley, Breeze, Laura, Tommy and Georgia.

Current world ranking: 11 (3/8/2001)

Career earnings: £3,792,574

Ranking Event Victories: 9 - Mercantile Credit Classic 1986, 1991; Grand Prix 1986, 1992; British Open 1987, 1992; Canadian Masters 1988; European Open 1992; UK Championship 1992

Highest Championship Break:147 - Embassy World Championship 1992

Total Career Earnings: £3,792,574

player stats from the world snooker website

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