1980, Frank Zappa. This is an outstanding and long (2 cds or 3 LPs) rock album that tells one really long story across a whole bunch of songs.

Zappa narrates the story of Joe, who lives in a future where rock & roll is more or less illegal. Joe forms a garage band, which gets him in trouble with the cops. His girlfriend Mary (described in the song Catholic Girls) dumps him to be a groupie for a band that has come through town, and gets into all sorts of crazy stuff (song: Fembot in a wet t-shirt). Joe falls for Lucille (Lucille has fucked my mind up), and catches a disease from her (Why does it hurt when I pee?). At some point, he has sex witha robot. Eventually, he ends up in a prison for musicians, chronicled in Keep it Greasy (...so it goes down easy).

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