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Lansdale is a fine American author. He got his start in the edgy, splatterpunk horror fiction of the late 1980's, the movement typified by Clive Barker's Books of Blood and Lansdale's The Drive In (A B-Movie with Blood and Popcorn, Made in Texas ). He is also a writer of oat operas, and an editor of horror, western, and at least one Horrific Western anthologies.

Lansdale's recent work includes

    the great Hap Collins and Leonard Pine novels
  1. Savage Season
  2. Mucho Mojo
  3. The Two-Bear Mambo
  4. Bad Chili
  5. Rumble Tumble

Lansdale's writing is consistently tight, gruesome, funny, and twisted. A brief example from The Drive-In 2 (Not Just One of Them Sequels):

     "They gonna save it?"
     The fireman took off his smoke-stained hat, coughed, and
looked at the frat the way some people look at retarded children.
"Son, we'll be lucky if we save the mineral rights on that sonofabitch."

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