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I'm kind of hungry, so I'll toss this one out quick.

Joey Skaggs is the 'Clown Prince of Headlines', a media critic, culture jammer, and above all, an incorrigible prankster. He preys on the mass media's need for attention-grabbing, easily-digested stories by creating not-so-elaborate hoaxes and acting them out (badly) in front of TV cameras. Sometimes, the hoaxes get bought hook, line, and sinker, and major news sources like ABC News and CNN will pick up and run the stories, with little or no fact-checking. His goal is to show the world just how much we want to believe in things without any proof.

Skaggs created the infamous 'Cathouse for Dogs' story, where loving owners could get their dogs a piece of tail for only $50, and the 'Dog Meat Soup' story, where a Korean restaurant owner solicited dog meat from kennels all over the United States in horribly, hilariously broken English.

His website is www.joeyskaggs.com, and I'd advise you not to trust a word he says there.

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