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Also known as DJ Johan, Johan Gielen (pronounced hee-len) is a well-known and respected DJ from Holland. Born in Belgium in 1968, DJ Johan began spinning at age 17 and has been based out of Holland since 1981.

DJ Johan spins trance, and only trance, and unfortunately only has one album, In Trance We Trust vol 4, although he has a number of live sets that have been bootlegged circulating, including Trance Energy sets, Live at Mysteryland, Club Gorgeous, Live in Kopenhagen, Live at Radio 538, Live at Dance Department, and Academy of Trance vol 1. In addition, he is the frontman for artists such as Airscape, Balearic Bill, and Des Mitchell through his own production company, Johan Gielen Music Productions.

Not only an artist as a DJ, DJ Johan has remixed music by artists such as Chicane, the Vengaboys, Boy George, Delerium, and Kosmonova, and has composed his own song, The Beauty of Silence.

DJ Johan was the first DJ that really pulled me in and made me want to listen more; one day while sitting in my boss's office doing some work, I had the opportunity to hear his In Trance We Trust vol 4 album, and asked my boss about it. He told me who it was and said I could get a copy. Once I did, I listened to it over and over again, and began searching on Napster for more of his music. The selection for his music was limited at the time, however; I did manage to hotlist people who had his music and I thereby found other artists I enjoy, such as Paul Oakenfold, DJ Doboy, Paul van Dyk, ATB, Darude, DJ Tiesto, Gouryella, Yahel, and more. My appreciate for trance led to my appreciation for goa, and my appreciation of the two held me open to appreciation of house and funk, all of which I enjoy to the utmost.

DJ Johan introduced me to electronic music, and is my favorite DJ still.

More information about DJ Johan can be found online at johangielen.com, as well as his current agenda at

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