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Also known as: Glubb Pasha.

British military commander. Born 1897, died 1986. Knighted in 1956.

After serving in France during World War I, Glubb was posted to Iraq, in 1920. Living with the Arab Bedouins, he became an avid student of Arabian culture and language.

From 1936 to 1930, he worked for the Iraqi government as an administrative inspector. Following this, he was transferred, in 1930, to Jordan, where he was attached to the Arab Legion, in the British mandate of Transjordania. In 1939, he assumed command of the Arab Legion, a post he continued to hold after Jordanian independence in 1946 (he enjoyed a lifelong personal friendship with King Abdullah ibn Hussein of Jordan).

During the Arab-Israeli War of 1956, however, Abdullah's successor, King Hussein, bowed to public opinion and dismissed Glubb. This was widely seen as the result of pressure from Arab nationalists and considered by London to be a threat towards British interests in the region.

Glubb's encyclopedic knowledge of, and love for, the history and culture of the region resulted in a number of excellent books:

Note: As you can see, I'm missing bibliographic details on years of publication for some of Glubb's works. If you have those data, or if you know of any works of Glubb's not on this list, please /msg me.

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