Former coach of the Raiders. Now a popular commentator (with Pat Summerall) for Fox Sports (and before that, CBS).

Hates flying. Always takes the bus.

Does a lot of commercials: Ace Hardware, Outback Steakhouse...he even has his own video game by EA Sports.
Football fans are generally separated into two groups--those who think John Madden has made the complex game of football accessible to the masses, and those who think he's an idiot who invariably says stupid and patently obvious things.

He spent several years on FOX sharing the booth with Pat Summerall as the network's top broadcast team. Now that Summerall has retired and Madden's contract is up, however, Madden is moving to ABC's Monday Night Football alongside longtime play-by-play man Al Michaels.

Madden popularized the telestrator, the device that lets commentators draw on the screen to illustrate their observations.

He gives his name to the long-running series of football games made by EA Sports; each year's version of the game is usually considered the best football game ever made. However, this is often true in spite of Madden's in-game commentary, which serves only to magnify his purported weaknesses--that he says the obvious and repeats himself too much.

Madden is quite fat, and if ever a movie of his life is made, Brian Dennehy will play him. (Just a hunch of mine.)

This may help understand John Madden's aviatophobia. John Madden played American football for Santa Barbara College. The football team was in an airplane crash and most of Madden's teammates were killed. Also as head coach of the LA Radiers, he would white knuckle the seat during the flight and his team would make light of his phobia. Players would shake his seat causing him to panic more.

He also does not like elevators which is some cross between claustrophobia and acrophobia.

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